Noob question installing Ruby on Linux (apt-get not found)


Hi there,

hardly any experience in using Linux, esp. in terminals. Trying to install ruby according to the curriculum, but I am encountering a problem right at the start - it says sudo: apt-get: command not found.

I am using ROSA Linux as it was easiest to install and works somewhat fast on this old laptop. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


Hey @nsjb

It looks like ROSA uses the rpm5 package manager

It will be difficult to give you all the alternative directions around this. You’ll either have to google around it or you should consider a ubuntu based derivative.


Thank you, @CouchofTomato,

googled for a day and got it to work for the most part, but then ended up installing Zorin lite. Installation process worked flawlessly.

Perhaps just one question re: the installation process. As a complete newbie, does the post-install message about Ruby Sass being deprecated concern me (yet)?

Thank you again!


No, it’s a deprecation warning. Nothing to worry about.