Nodejs vs Ruby on rails


I can’t understand what is point of considering Ruby when we have nodejs. So we don’t want to learn a second programming language


Actually, I don’t know why they prefer ruby clearly but you can finish Front-End Only path. After that, you can choose which language you want to learn like php or node.js etc.


I’ll preface this by saying my chosen path is Node.js because of the two options I would rather learn something more modern that has more flexibility than Ruby and Rails. However, you could ask this question about any comparable languages. Why learn Node.js vs Python? What about PHP? Something else?

I think ultimately whats important is that you learn whichever curriculum you choose to fullest. Most of the concepts are transferable between languages, the main differences are just syntax. Which when starting out is probably the thing we all got hung up on most. However once you understand the underlying concepts you should be able to pick up other languages and frameworks without issue.

Plus, there are lots of Ruby/Rails jobs out there. Maybe less than Node.js (or maybe not?) but it’s still a a valuable skill set to have, and lot of people just really enjoy programming in Ruby. All that to say, there are a number of legit reasons to still study Ruby on Rails, even if you personally decide on Node.js.