Node js vs ruby on rails


Hi, I just started on the full stack developer track of the odin project. The suggested one is the ruby on rails one. However there is also one which has node js for back end. A friend who is a developer told me that people are shifting towards node js now. So which one should I go for. And why is the ruby one the recommended one?


HI :apple:s
I am not going to answer, I will leave it for experts :grin: .
BUT I think MOST people advise you to learn a language they know. If a was in a community of Node.js , I will probably see that my community is large and other communities are semi non-existent.
Go for the stack overflow Survey at
Hope someone will clarify this.


Hi Apples,

To be honest with you , you have to do some research on job market on city or state you currently live or are you willing to relocated looking for job.
Either one will land you a job as long you learn the basics pretty good and do good at project.
Once again save yourself some disappointment, do some research on job market on your location. Five minutes google search of entry Software engineer jobs can give you more than anyone can advise you.

Hope that Help!