No idea how to approach the exercises on WD101 js fundamentals part 2

Hello, I feel like I have understood the lessons but when arrived at those 4 exercises my mind went blank help, please


in the black part of the screen when you run an answer incorrect it tells you what is the error.
Try to figure what parts of the code could lead to the error. Or mybe you should add something,
If you have doubt about a line, for example “a”+“b”, you can add a lines

 console.log('Below is the result ');

This shows you in the screen what value has “a”+“b” probably your doubts are correct and this isnt the correct value.

If you see a word you dont understand or remember google it. The mision isnt solve the problem, is understand what is wrong and how to do it well, so try to see what the program is suposed to do and why isnt doing it.

If you think you need practicing before jumping to these problems you can try:

this to this for basics in javascript

this to this for basic strings

this to this for basic functions

this to this for basic conditionals (if elese …)

do what you need until you can solve the problems. Passing the parts selected (and between) there are themes more advanced that can confuse you more than help, try to avoid them for now.

If none of this help ask again.
Hope this will help.

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thank you so much, I appreciate you taking the time to respond