No experience. Full on newb


Hello all. Im Kyle, Im 25 and I work a full time factory job. I came across web development on an online search regarding ‘supplemental income with a full time job’. Ive only started with basics from the Odin Project and am doing it old school, taking notes with in a notebook. Then re reading them at work.

I suppose my question is (with no computer or software experience at all) am I getting in over my head? Can this be done with no experience?

I enjoy learning but am nervous to ask questions due sounding so uneducated on the topics and not having any knowledge in this vast field. This seems like a huge growing job market and a very useful skill set to have for the future.

Thanks for reading and any advice you can give!


Hi Kyle,

Yes, this is doable without any prior experience. To quote TOP, "The Odin Project is for absolute beginners… ". I encourage you to ask questions.


Hi, Kyle :wave:.

I’ve worked in a factory, too. I know how physically demanding it is and how it can drain you of energy.

My advice: Take it slow. There will be days where you are too tired to code or read or even sit. That’s okay. Do it when you can and be proud of yourself when you do. (I highly recommend Learning How to Learn)

I’ve only recently started TOP and have already encountered plenty of wonderful people willing to help out.

Good luck :+1:


@gillk0 welcome on-board. When I first started, I heard a lot of people say “practice” “practice” “practice” and they were all right. Try and get a computer if you can and go from there. Just know anything is possible if you put your mind to it.


It is in one off the first lessons from TOP.

If you want to and keep at it when the going gets though anybody can do it. Or at least that is what I think that lesson was trying to bring across.
You didn’t know how to ride a bike when you first got on it either. But after some bruises you learned.


Hi! I just started with TOP curriculum. I would say that, just for the sake of curiosity, go ahead.

Despite of the difficulties that you might encounter along the course, If you feel that what you’re learning and what you achieve fires up some kind of spark or passion then go all in, sooner or later you’ll get to whatever goal you set. But you have to give it the opportunity first, despite the doubts. You won’t lose anything and you’ll gain life experience.

Hope it helps,


Thank you all, greatly appreciate it!