Newbie with a pixelbook


Hi all!

I just started TOP and would need to install some of the ‘required’ things; however, I picked up a pixelbook last year without thinking I would be interested in web development. I wonder if anyone has already gone through this and could give some insight on how to do it. I am afraid that I will brick the pixelbook as it is my only workable computer right now. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks~


A quick Google search on developing websites with a pixelbook returned this article on Medium :+1:

Also, there’s a Reddit thread here :grinning:


It wasn’t successful the last time I tried it hahaha!! But I will give it another try with the medium article :wink: Thank you so much!


While a pixelbook isn’t something we recommend. You can use it for a lot of things related to TOP. We haven’t been able to get Ruby on Rails to run on it, so you’d have to skip that. We’re unsure about Node, although I suspect that would run fine.

Some things you can do for sure are the front-end stuff. You may have to find another text editor though, (google can help with that). But if you just avoid anything that needs a server, you can get a LOT of the fundamentals down. You can do a lot of the Ruby section with something like as well.


Thank you for your detail answer!! I guess I’ll start with the front end stuff with for Ruby for now! Greatly appreciated!!