Newbie pair?


Hello everyone! Thought I’d introduce myself here so I would find some new friends to help me out along the way as I progress. I am new in The Odin Project so please take care of me. I am not a college graduate or anything. I am 23 and have been struggling with my mental health for the past few years. Currently, unemployed and still trying to get my shit together. I found programming a very good distraction in my life. Though I’m not really good at Math, to begin with, I like to challenge myself and teach myself how to programme and possibly shift careers in the future.
I recently studied web development 3 weeks ago. I’ve been using FreeCodeCamp for quite some time but I got stuck in one of the Javascript exercises. I feel like I can’t really get the grasp of it, so I keep coming back to the past lectures. I hope to meet awesome people here who will pair with me or help along the way, really looking forward to completing the course. Thank you Odin Project!



I’m new to this myself. I’ve always tried starting to learn though FreeCodeCamp but always got distracted by other responsibilities. I’m back again to try again and this time am really going to stick through it. I’m not good at math either but I do enjoy just sitting and working through the problems, regardless if I get it right or wrong :slight_smile: Hopefully we can work together in the future.