Newbie here: Running windows 10 - Web101: Mac or Linux assumed


Just started reading:

First assignment note suggests that most of the resources will assume the use of Mac or Linux.

I am running Windows10 and thought I could use its CLI - powershell. Is this going to cause problems?


It’s okay to use Windows for now.
Some commands won’t work in Windows Powershell or Command Prompt as they are based on mac / linux family of operating systems.

You can try Cmder, which is packed with more commands and functions than the normal Windows’ CLI.
I’ve never used Powershell again after trying Cmder.

However, for the next part, you will be using either Mac or Linux to continue.


Thank you.

Could you provide suggestions on a Linux system? Ubuntu? Fedora?. Very new territory for me.
And, I thought I may could run it through a virtual simulator or something similar - If you guidance on this it would be much appreciated.

@punnadittr ++


I have only been using Ubuntu since I began (about a year ago). So I would recommend Ubuntu.

I have tried using Ubuntu on virtualbox but the experience wasn’t so great performance-wise.
I would suggest dual booting, so that you will have the full linux experience without any limitations.