Newbie from PEI Canada


Hi everyone!

Newbie here. Looking to learn DevOps, but when I started with Docker, there was so much dialogue that I didn’t understand, so I thought maybe I should rewind a little and start a little earlier with total absolute basic EVERYTHING!!

Anyway, looking forward to learning as much as I can because, eventually, I’d like to possibly get a job and supplement my current income with something development related.

Catch you guys later.



Hey! I’m from PEI, too!
Since you mentioned supplemental income, you might want to check out the Indie Hackers community over here:
Lots of folks to learn from whenever you’re ready to take action on all this learning.

Good luck with your journey :call_me_hand:


@dylanblanchard Hey buddy,

Thanks for your message and tip! Much appreciated




Thanks for the link, Dylan. Looks like a cool community.