Newbie coder looking for friends on this journey


I’m 26 and live in Canada. I’ve got a background in healthcare and working with adults with intellectual disabilities. Had a pretty big burn out and am now working as a manager in a pet store. It’s awesome, but not terribly fulfilling. I’ve always dabbled in web development and finally took the plunge to decide to code to one day transition!

Been casually learning for a few months but the past couple weeks I’ve been working on coding during the only free time I have which is a few hours each morning before work, 5-7 days a week. I’m hoping to find some friends to chat with, about coding or whatever else, and to build projects when we’re good enough. Additionally, if there are any intermediate/advanced coders who want to take a padawan under their wing and teach/challenge then I am more than okay with that as well!

Loving TOP so far, also doing a course on Udemy, The Web Developer Bootcamp. So! There’s my life story, let us be friends! lol.


Hey! I’m in a similar situation - Canadian, background in healthcare, got burnt out and now I’m trying something new with coding :slight_smile: Feel free to send me a message!



I am also brand new (just found TOP today!) and have a history in Human Services (in the US). I worked in Human Services for 10 years out of College… got burned out & needed a “short break”… 21 years later, here I am still working as an Admin at a tech company. It is a great job and I have learned a lot but feel like it is time to take it to the next level. Also hoping to find some companions on this ride! :grinning:


@cgilligan13 Heya!! I sent you a message :slight_smile:


Hello! 25 and I’m in the US but also have a background in healthcare that I am trying to transition out of! Send me a message, would love to make some friends along this journey!


Hey there! We’re in the same boat! I got my start in trouble shooting programs in the health care field (as I was the only one on the team that knew how.) and it made me want to branch out. I’d love to branch out and make new friends along the way!

Same to the OP! (Love the username by the way. Remember when that aired on TV?)


Hello! Super interested in pushing each other to finish this thing. I’m currently working in a marketing role in the US, but want to get into engineering in the future.


Similar situation!


Hey There!

I’m right there with you. Have a background in social work (worked in jails and homeless shelters), but now looking for a career that I can grow in. I am also doing the Web Dev Bootcamp on Udemy alongside TOP in my spare time outside of my full time job. We’re all in this together!


Brand new myself, let’s do this!