New to t.o.p. - looking forward to learning


I’m new to the programming and code game. I took two CS elective course in college while earning my BS in Civil Engineering and I really enjoyed them. Basically, I’m here because I’m looking for a potential career change to something I enjoy. I’ve been using the site which has been a great tool but I know I need more than just that to really dive into this full throttle. I’m also in the early stages of an online web developer bootcamp via I look forward to learning and connecting with folks that can help me turn this into a nice positive career experience.


Welcome @zachbcarter

It sounds like you have some solid experience and are taking the right steps forward for a good career in the industry. Good luck!


Hi Zach!

Your story sounds somehow like my story. I’m just about to get a degree in Biological Engineering, but I do not enjoy the work in that field, so I’m looking for a career change. I learned some coding in school and university, but I’m new to coding on my own. So I’m looking for a learning buddy, or whatever you call it. If you’re interested we can learn together, to motivate each other and learn from each other.

Best wishes,


Hello! I’m looking for a group I can join… If you’re all open for a new member, maybe I can be part of you? :smiley:
I just finished web development 101 but I can start wherever you want.