New to odin - looking for study partner

Hello, I am new and ready to learn
I’m very social looking for someone to go through together/study together . iam learing rails now

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Hi @Callum, I am also new. I have studied for about 5 days only from the Odin project. If you like we may study together.

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Hey guys count me in! : )

Sure thing, we can share each other’s emails and use Meet for our meetings. My email is
Please email me and we can go into further details on this topic.

how can i add u guys ?

hey man are you starting just starting off on rails? id like to code along / learn along with you if anything man we can discord if thats cool de_g3ntl3m4n#4216 add me?

Hey fellow aspiring full stack developers am in

Count me in also! :smiley:

Hi, I joined just now. Looking forward to learning with everyone here. If still looking for a study partner, I’m in.

Hello, also new in the The Odin project, Looking for a study partner.

add me here Gunalan D#3888

am here guys count me in.

HI, I didn’t hear back from anyone else. If you don’t mind, can we study together?

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Hello! I am new to odin here, and if still looking for a study partner, count me in! :slight_smile:

We can start together

I am new too and looking for a study partner

Just a reminder, our Official Discord Server is open for all learners!

Please review this post. Pair Programming Removed From Curriculum & Official Discord Server

If you have questions about it, please ask there.

I am also new here can we study together

Please Can I be added to the group.
I am new and I would love to join a group so I can share Ideas