New to coding


Hi my name’s Ibtissam . I’m looking for a partner


Hi! My name is Anna , I`m looking for a coding partner too )


Hi! My name is Felipe. As I know it’ll be a long way, I’m here to say to myself that it is possible and a can!


Am New to coding. Looking for a partner to journey together.


Hello Anna, am so new to coding and I don’t know the kind of partner you are looking for, but I don’t want to do it alone.


where are u from?i mChinese


I’m from Brazil. I’m on the pre-course yet because I’m not sure if I know enough to keep on. Yesterday I felt so happy writing a HTML Code. Although I seek all the instructions, I try to do some personal pages in order to teach myself. I leave in the north of Brazil, in this part is hard to find a web develope job. My plan however is find it in the south of Brazil whose quantity of this kind of job is good.
I’m economist, not a programmer. For while, my knowledge sorrounds the search on market to find new softwares demands. I have many ideias of what to create but I’m not allowed to do so.
I so glad I can find all of you here.


I’m on tweeter, check for “alparakleto” with thar #100DaysOfCode.
May the force be with you!


Should I reach you through Twitter?


Ya, I’m on there. Today I’ll present there a solution for the function sumAll.js with out a loop, just using a small formula.
‘alparakleto’ is mine. I c u there.