New students ready to learn, LET GROW TOGETHER

Hello, I am new and ready to learn
I’m very social looking for someone to go through the program together/study together and pair program


Hi, I’m also new here and it will be a great pleasure if we could learn together


Hello. I’m new as well. I know the basics of front end development. If you want you add me on discord and create a room where we could study together and discuss. - Monny #4097

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you can add me up on kaybee09#7909
will be waiting for you

i already sent you a request simeon
happy to have someone like you ahead of me i can learn from

Hey, I started a few days ago and I’m about to start on the HTML and CSS basics section. I’m hoping we can work together and I’ve sent a request on discord, Another_Human#6477.


Am in tho i started today being Tuseday 21st

I’m also looking for a group. My discord ID is Mbalii#1321, please add me :slight_smile:
I am Mbali Mbombo from South Africa, just started my journey on the full stack Javascript today.

Hi! I just sent you a request

I am also looking for a learning group.
My name is Fabi and I am from Germany.
I’m just 16 and my English isn’t perfect but I will give my best to learn webdevelopment.
My discord name is Fabi#6071

I’m also looking for a group to learn with.
My name is Sodiq from Nigeria and I’m starting out with web development. My discord ID is Sodiqz#0437, please add me.

Hi Kaybee, Did you manage to find a study buddy?

Hi, I’m Tony and live in France. I just started, or should I say restarted TOP today and would be interested in a study buddy or two. I did TOP for about a month a few years ago but stopped so I have restarted from the beginning today. I’m working so I will try to put in about 20 hours per week. Let me know if any of you guys are interested. My discord id is Tony2020

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Hello everyone. I’m embarking on this journey to learn how to code after losing my job as an airline pilot. I’m literally starting over at 36 years old.

I would be really happy to embark on this journey with you folks.

I’am 32 years old starting new with TOP, looking for bright future. also looking for a group study, my Discord ID is winas#0415 please add me.