Need some assistance installing Ruby on Rails


I am trying to install Ruby on Rails by entering this into the terminal:

gem install rails -v 5.2.3

When I type that this is what comes back:

Command ‘gem’ not found, but can be installed with:

sudo apt install ruby

The instructions tell me to ignore anything that states to use sudo or apt. How do I get past this? It’s supposed to install with that one command but I continue to get that sudo message.

I would appreciate your help. I’m working on going through the lessons and am at a stop at this point.

Thanks so much!


Have you installed Ruby?

Type into your console:

$ ruby -v

You should see something like:

ruby 2.6.4pxx (20xx-xx-xx revision xxxxx)

If not, consult:


I just completed that lesson and everything went fine installing Ruby. I’m not sure where I’ve gone wrong but I’ll go back to that lesson and try again.

Thanks for your quick response. I appreciate it.