Need Passphrase for .ssh/id_rsa Github Clone

Hello! I’m trying to create a GitHub repository and then do all the fetches and pulls, etc.
But once I clone the git on my local computer it asks for passphrase for SSH. I know I made an SSH key in Github when starting, but do you know where I can find it now? Or is there a different solution to the problem?

Enter passphrase for key ‘/Users/richardmcadams/.ssh/id_rsa’:

There’s a key icon afer rsa’: but I can’t seem to get my cursor to paste in anything there anyway?


You created this passphrase when creating the key in the first place. It may not be your github password or login password for your machine.

If you’re typing, it’s taking input, it’s just not showing it for security reasons.

Hi jamestmcadams, have you been able to sort out the problem?
I also experienced same - the cursor does not show your input when you are typing in the passphrase, but if you type it in correctly and hit enter, it will accept and run. However, you should note that this passphrase is different from your SSH key.