Need help with first step with HTML/CSS Project



This is embarrassing, but I am completely lost as to what I need to do for the first step in the HTML/CSS project. I have already set up the repository and I am cd’d into the folder and created the text file. Where I am lost is where do I write the code? Do I write in the text file? Am I using the text editor to debug it? How do I know what it looks like?

I feel that I missed an important lesson. If there was an earlier section that covered this I would love to know so I can review it, but I am a very confused on where to go from here.

Best regards,

Kamari Ross


No worries Kamari, I’ll try to help.

Where do I write the code?

You are correct, you will write it in the text file. Make sure it has the file extension ".html" so that way a web browser will recognize it as an html file, for example "index.html" will open as a web page in a browser but "index.txt" will display as just plain text.

How do I know what it looks like?

You will know what it looks like by opening up the file in your web browser, in Chrome and Firefox this can be done simply by dragging the HTML file into the address bar. When you make changes in the text file, make sure to save and then click the refresh button in your browser so that way you can see the changes.

I hope you succeed in your project, and keep asking questions!



I’m also at the point of the program where i have to do the basic google webpage. It really has shown me my gaps in knowledge though. Right now im making the page on because i can see in real time how the website looks. Im trying my best to not google things, but i have to at some parts. May i suggest starting at making the nav bar at the top and learning how to position things should get you started. Bring in the google logo and try and put it in the middle like the webpage, then try and make the form where the search bar is. Good luck! Im also struggling but its a learning experience and my head hurts but i have to keep on truckin’


Does the CSS go on the same file? or separate? I was able to operate the file as you said, but I am editing the HTML in VS Code.

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Kamari Ross


You can include the css in the HTML file using a <style> tag. You would include this inside the <html> tag, most people put it after the </body> tag.

The common practice for most sites today is to use a separate file for the css. You can find out how to do this in the HTML Dog beginner CSS tutorial linked in the HTML and CSS Basics section of Web Development 101.