Need Help with "First Rails Application"


Hello, could anyone help me please? I am stuck! I am currently in Step 2: Create Your First Ruby on Rails Web Application. I already followed all the steps, but towards the end of Step 2 it asks to go to your browser and visit http://localhost:3000/cars to see your application.

I followed the instructions, but I do not see any application nor I am able to create a new car and refresh the page to verify if it works. Instead I only see links and when I clicked on them it takes me to somewhere else where I can’t see anything that would allow me to create a new car.

Could someone please help? Thank you.


Can we see some screenshots please.


Thanks for your help!

  1. Open your Gemfile in a text editor. If you use VSCode, you can do that by typing code Gemfile. Change the line that reads gem ‘sqlite3’ to gem 'sqlite3' , '~> 1.3.13'. Save the file.
  2. In the terminal, run bundle install.
  3. Now that SQLite is working properly, run rails generate scaffold car make:string model:string year:integer again.

Follow these steps and then do these:
4. Run rails db:migrate
5. Run rails server

Now, you should be good to go and visiting http://localhost:3000/cars would take you to your application!