Need Help Please


Could some one please help? I have two problems.

  1. I am trying to install Ruby, but I am not being successful. I have followed the steps many times and still can get it. In the instructions says I should get in my terminal:

$ rbenv -v
rbenv 1.1.1-40-g483e7f9

Instead I am getting $: command not found

  1. I am not able to find The Oding Project chat room at Discord. I have an account, but when I log in it takes me to a blank screen and/or to video games chat rooms.

Thank you.


It’s difficult to help without knowing what you have done.

What’s the output of echo $PATH


It looks like you are entering $ in your terminal, if you see $ it just denotes that you should run that in the command line. run rbenv -v without the $


Thanks for helping me. I do not get anything other than what I was suppose to write.


Thank you so much. I tried without the $ in my terminal and it finally worked. Thanks.