Need Guide on TOP


Greetings to all :slight_smile:

I opted to do the ruby track first, and js later.
please advise me which to do first, which to skip, which to do last…

  1. web development 101
    1.1 the basics
    1.2 git basics
    ?? the front end (when to learn html/css basics? )
    1.3 the back end
    1.4 web development frameworks
    ?? pair programming

  2. ruby programming

?? databases

  1. ruby on rails

?? html5 and css3

  1. avascript basics/web101
  2. javascript

Thank You


If you’re planning on doing JavaScript later, you can follow The Odin Project sequentially and just skip JS101 in WebDev101.
Then, when you plan to do JS, you can do JS101 in WebDev101, followed by the full course.


how about html/css basics? could i skip it for the moment when doing ruby?

and how about the databases and html5/css3? can i do these last?


If you wanted to, yes absolutely.


Web101 (without JS) -> Ruby (Chess project left lul) - > Rails (50%) -> DB section -> Rails (still on it)

That’s how I did it and didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything, you do want to know some basic HTML though, forms mostly


Thanks for pointing out the right direction.

lol about chess, I barely play it, but there’s a complete guide how to do a chess project.