Need advice from a SME on web development


This will be a little long and I hope it is the right place to post this.

My background:

2001 - went back to school for a career change in MIS with a minor in Computer Science. I focused on Java with the plan to program for awhile and then maybe move into management.
2003 - did a summer internship programming in Java as part of the curriculum
2004 - fell into a PeopleSoft job after I finished up school that changed my anticipated career path.
2004 - 2017 - worked as a PeopleSoft software consultant doing multiple implementations/upgrades around the USA. The first 3 or 4 years on the technical side and the remainder on the functional side. PeopleSoft has it’s own proprietary language called PeopleCode and I also programmed in SQR and a little Cobol.
2017 - PeopleSoft is being phased out by Oracle so work dried up and I was laid off. After looking at other options I decided to just retire to Mexico at the age of 57.
Current - I’m realizing I need something to keep me busy still so I’m looking at programming options that allow me to work remotely and part time. This will require training/retraining in programming languages.

So, is the path the Odin Project will set me up for appropriate for my objectives?