Need a partner for Web development 101- Javascript and the following other courses. You is willing to commit at least 4 hours daily


Looking for a partner who is willing to work together with the web development 101 courses. I have started Javascript in web development 101. I few previous experiences with javascript. Willing to continue and complete the web development course. Looking forward to completing all the courses one step at a time.

Interested member please reach me out here.

Have a great day! Cheers!


Hello vman7250 i just started “Web Development 101” and i will dedicate many hours every day maybe even more than 4 hours. Let’s say i have zero prior knowledge and i will cover everything step by step in order to completly understand everything.I am also looking for a partner so if you would like we can team up.

Have a great day!


Sounds good. Will message you. Let’s get going.


I have completed web development 101 but have not started with javascript yet…if you want to complete it together then dm me on my twitter or reply me down here