Name That Number


Welcome to the first weekly coding challenge :smile:

You may be familiar with American adverts on television where they convert their telephone numbers into words and add a jingle to them so they can annoyingly sing them to you in a cheesy tune. You can find more about the numbers associated with each number here. The challenge is to create a program that can take a phone number such as 0800-TOP-ODIN and convert it to the telephone number equivalent 0800-867-6346.

Example inputs and outputs

Input: "0100-AWE-SOME"
Output: “0100-293-7663”

Input: "0946-LUV-CODE"
Output: “0946-588-2633”

Optional Extensions:
Can you extend your program so that only words in the dictionary are allowed?

You can either tap into an api or if you aren’t confident doing that download a file containing all the words at a place such as this

For the extension you can throw an error or return a nil/null value for a word that isn’t in the dictionary

Example inputs and outputs

Input: "0345-DOG-TAIL"
Output: “0345-364-8245” - because both ‘dog’ and ‘tail’ are both words you would find in the dictionary

Input "0230-XYZ-GTOE"
Output: Error or Nil/Null - as ‘xyz’ and ‘gtoe’ would not be found in a dictionary

As the aim is to make these language agnostic we don’t provide a test suite to run these against but encourage you to write tests yourself for the practice.

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Ruby implementation :slight_smile:


Lua implementations: :wink:
Not OOP -


Another one on ruby:
GitHub Link



Great idea!


JavaScript implementation

I’m still working on the CSS and the Optional Extensions.

I didn’t find a solution for vertical align text in div . So I used a input to display the answer. :sweat_smile:

My JavaScript tastes like spaghetti. Help me out!


Hey everyone.

Thank you for submitting solutions :smile:

The plan at the moment is to introduce different difficulties during the week. So have beginner, intermediate and advanced problems to solve so keep an eye out for the Code Challenge label.