My progress so far



I haven’t really been active that much but I thought I would post an update on where I’m at.

I finally finished the easy project for the HTML/CSS basics. Build a copy of the google home page.

I also have been trying to get involved with a tech group near where I live. I went to a meetup today and it was fun, but also humbling and a little scary. These people were light years ahead of me.

I know somewhere on this site it talks about gearing up. About what to do if you doubt you can code. As much as I hate to admit it, I’m doubting myself right now. I have so much going on in my life. This, trying to work 40+ hours a week, chores, trying to make time for myself, etc.

I stumbled into this. I had no idea this existed at all. I don’t even know if this will go anywhere. How the heck do you keep going? Or better yet, how do you know if it just isn’t for you?


I don’t recommend jumping around from course to course but if you feel like you’ve become stagnant, why not do a quick and easy project/exercise(like sites on udemy) to give you a breather. But you have to remember that you’re just starting out and shouldn’t be wholly evaluating your skills this early on.

TOP is very daunting and comprehensive so it’s normal to feel this way. You’re in the right direction of attending meetups to get more knowledge in coding.


I guess so. The hardest part has been staying consistent. Trying to do a little each day when you come home from work exhausted can just be so difficult sometimes.

The other thing is that I got into an argument with my mother yesterday about this. I’m trying to add a skill in a different way versus her saying “you need to go back to school for that”. Heck. No. I hated school. I’m glad I graduated with my AAS with no debt.

I’m glad I had a good program director through. He always believed in teaching people regardless of who they were or what their background was.