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Hi! In this section I will updating my learning process, and tell you all how my skills are improving, to share with others the experiencie the importance of the way (and how enjoy that), not only the goal. This excercise it will be a little difficult to me (Im new and my native lenguaje is spanish), sorry for mistakes.

About me
Mi name is Hugo, and I’m a psychology from Chile. My goal is learn rails to develop tools to improve my actual work, and, in the future, to improve some social problems, or maybe a start up with a friend.

Status: Web Development 101 - 36%

Cronology 2019

January 13th, 2019: Getting Started with The Odin Project
Im sign up into the page. I read about The Odin Project in reddit, in a search about the best free resources to learn rails. Initialy I start with Python, with Learn Python The Hard Way, but I’m feel a little lonely in the process, and one of my best friend is programmer, he works with that, and his domain is ruby and rails. So, I was decide to change my focus, and I’m very happy with that! I feel The Odin Project is very complete, and give me a good vision about programming.

I start with Web Development 101

My operation center is my laptop and nothing more. Maybe something to eat or drink (later I will upload photos)

January 22nd, 2019: Git and Github
Im finishing this unit. I think it was fun think how this work. It was a little confuse about the commands, so i was propose to my friend create a repo in github to practice how to share my work, how to upload information, etc. The most fun part was when you start to create jokes about that.

Texting to my friend
“better, forget that”…“git reset 245213a”

The english make the process a little hard, but not impossible, my good friend google translator helpme a lot. Today I will continue with “The Front End” unit.

February 9th, 2019: HTML in Codeacademy!

Hi! Long time. I was travel to the beach for a few days, and im go back! Starting with Code Academy’s HTML content. I write some tips and ideas to study or remember. Is very interesting practice this. I think I could try to create a photographer web for me.

Thats all for now! I will update in the next days my progress in this, I really apreciate if you share your experience, and how you improve your skills.



que padre tu estoria, sigues adelante amigo! vivo en los estados unidos y me gustaria mucho quedarnos en contacto. saludos!