My laptop slowed after installeing Virtual Box

I’m new to TOP. After the OS installation guide, I already got a problem because my computer does not allow x64 bit of VirtualBox so I installed a 32 bit. My problem here is I followed the instructions on OP and I think it’s not compatible to the VB I installed. When I click the “Start” in VB, it only displays black screen and a statement that says “only support32 blahblah”. And my computer eventually slowed so I uninstalled it. I really don’t undestand what’s happening here helpp pls. What should I do?

Additional info: I only have 2GB RAM and 148 GB for local disk

Hello there!
I hate to break it to you, but I think your computer’s specifications are pretty low to be running a virtual machine, specifically your RAM. What kind of computer and operating system are your trying to run this on?

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Oww how could I continue this course, I’m only using my sister’s laptop :sob: Here’s my laptop system

@MashaAmor @Cascade1080 I think you should dual boot into linux instead of going through the virtualbox route

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Virtual box is ram heavy, not ideal for slow pc, most who uses it has 8gb of ram

Either you could dual boot with xubuntu as they recommend

Or just use windows (you will be on your own though) … just search, there are already some guides about using windows

There’s no problem with the specs of your sisters laptop, as well as using windows 32bit os

I use windows myself and everything works… I don’t follow the guide exactly as recommended… that’s what I opted for…

I also use windows command line & git bash heavily, uses vs code as editor, and sometimes vim for simple editing

Good luck

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OMG thank you I almost stopped :sob: I tried to dual boot but the website of linux suggests to have a 4 GB RAM. btw, where do you look for the windows guide?

I tried to dual boot but the website of linux suggests to have a 4 GB RAM

Not Ubuntu, it’s Xubuntu that require less ram

Oh okay thank you so much