My Introduction


Hello everyone! My name is Siddharth and I am from India. I just graduated college but couldn’t get a job during campus placements. I want to find a job real fast but I realized that I don’t have much technical knowledge that recruiters wants. So I decided to get better. I know HTML and CSS but never used them in any real projects. I had already started learning web dev on Udemy but recently i came to know of the ODIN Project so I’ve decided to give full focus to this.I hope to learn a lot and a bit fast so that I can go out for jobs.


Welcome Siddharth.

I am new here myself but I can say that I really like the way TOP lays out their material. Anywho, happy coding.


Hi Siddharth,

I’m new too, I’ve just started today. Currently I work in desktop support, but I’d love to get into coding and web development. Hopefully the Odin project will help me realise these goals. Really liking the look of things so far!