Music to listen while coding


Hi everyone!

Just wondering - what music/playlist/artist do you listen to while coding?


fun question :smiley:

I have a couple go-to spotify playlists, depending on my mood:

Lately though, I’ve been turning on focus@will… there’s a pseudo-sciency thing on their site about being music that has been particularly selected and edited to enhance focus. I’m not 100% sure I buy that, but the music is nice enough and I am able to focus pretty well when listening to it. It’s not free :sob: but I managed to get it super cheap… here’s a referral link if you’re interested (I think it’ll give you a discount of some sort… not sure)


I will try those Spotify playlists, I’m a heavy Spotify user :smiley:
Thanks also for the focus@will advice - I’ll give it a try


haahahaha ^^


@dreamyUB that’s dope :smiley:


When you are struggling with some problem or bug I suggest hahaha ^^


I love listening to something a little bit chill without any lyrics to distract me.
Check this out:


I love Studio Ghibli music


It depends on the sort of coding I’m doing. If I’m trying to implement something new or making major changes, I prefer music without lyrics. I tend to gravitate toward video game soundtracks, but I also alternate between a shakuhachi album and the soundtrack to The Legend of Korra. If I’m refactoring code or just making minor updates, then I’ll listen to any of the thousands of (mostly metal and rock) songs I own.


I love listening to Glitch Hop and retro video game music while coding <3 I use Pandora for it, and shuffle an EDM/Glitchhop station that has groups like OMFG, Kraddy, and Savant with a video game OST station, but the best are the remixes of soundtracks from those old games (Sonic, Pokemon, Mario, etc) and JRPG battle music. Nothing else gets me quite as hyped up for learning code, haha


Go to Radio? Sure and pull all the links for & Soma into something simple like TrayRadio… Sorted.


I struggle to concentrate with music going… maybe I just don’t have the right music.


if I’m doing anything that requires focus I neeeed instrumental music that doesn’t change too much. If it’s toooo interesting it distracts me, but if I don’t have music I tend to get distracted by other stuff lol

try this


Oooh, nice. I get kinda “netflix syndrome” with stuff, especially on youtube. (So much to choose from, what do I do!)
Edit: Am totally digging this. thank you.



This has been my go-to fro a while. Good energy but not too distracting.


Anything instrumental, I struggle otherwise, words are too distracting! I very much like the contemporary Germanic and Scandinavian composers for working to including Nils Frahm, Ólafur Arnalds and Peter Broderick


Brain Food is a good one! I also have been finding myself listening to their Retrowave/Outrun playlist when I need to focus:


Cheers @brian-giordano this looks right up my street for when I need something a little more energetic or if I get pulled into a version of tron lol


Exactly, @inuhoo :smiley:


@inuhoo I really like nordic composers, too!