Minimal system requirements


Hi community!

I need to buy a new computer to follow TOP. Unfortunately my budget is very very limited as I live in Nicaragua. On amazon I saw computers the size of a USB-Drive or an Apple-TV for about 150.- USD.

What is the minimal system requirement for a Computer to be able to go trough the whole TOP smoothly running Ubuntu?

Thanks for your help and sorry if I posted in the wrong section.


Hi @guanacone

If you could tell us what you budget actually is we might be able to offer some advice.


@CouchofTomato I have about 400 US$ to spend. The thing is that I’d rather like a desktop computer to hook it up to a 17’ or even bigger monitor. So, the cheaper the computer, more I can spend on a monitor.
The other thing is that prices are much higher here in Nicaragua and therefore i’d rather have somebody bringing me a computer from the states, but obviously it has to be a very small computer.


Hi @guanacone

I made a list for you, it includes the display in there


Here is a cheaper second option

If your budget allows you go for the first link, it’s a much more capable CPU.

This one in this link is the bare minimum to be able to go through the course, it won’t give you much trouble but the experience might be not as smooth.


@Javier-Machin thank you so much! This is a truly amazing answer and will help me a lot to get started.