Made my first webpage! Thoughts/feedback welcome :)


I’m very excited because I made my first web page (the HTML/CSS Google challenge)! It’s certainly not perfect, but it went better than I thought it would go!

Here is my first attempt:

Feel free to share any comments, thoughts, or feedback :smile:


Wow! Great job leadams517. Continue the good work.


Thanks so much! I’m very excited and appreciate the support!


Hey I made mine too today, but how do I make it into a website that people can view like you did?

Here’s my github repo:


Hi Zubayer_mirza. There are instructions for that at the bottom of the page for the project.
Viewing your project on the web


Thanks! It worked!


Amazing work @leadams517! I just finished mine today. As with yours, mine certainly needs more work too but I decided to continue with the curriculum and possibly return to it once I learn a bit more HTML/CSS. But I had a lot of fun with it and learned a ton!

Feel free to check mine out if you wish!


@Zubayer_Mirza You should post your website so we can all see it!


@samlovesjiujitsu Wow yours looks great!!! I’m thinking the same. Rather than making mine look perfect but probably be done in an inefficient or less than ideal way, I’ll come back to it when I know more. :slight_smile:

I felt the same! A lot more fun and I learned more in one project than I thought I could!!