Looking to work with somebody for google.com homepage


hey guys, I recently have started doing the google.com homepage project and I am looking to work with somebody while I try and navigate my through the project. I would enjoy a helping hand as I don’t feel confident and would love to bounce some ideas around as I learn.

I have added the google logo and a very basic form input but would really enjoy somebody to work with while I try and complete the task.

hope to hear from somebody.


if anybody is interested in working with me, you can add me on Discord. my username is “Pr0zac92#6824” look forward to hearing from ya.


Hello Pr0z4c92!

If you haven’t already, feel free to join The Odin Project Discord! There’s lots of collaboration and help to be had there.


I am on there. I like the idea of looking for help in more then one area though lol I have found somebody that is giving a bit of help which is sweet.