Looking to start a support group


Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well on their journey towards web/software development!

I’m newish to the web dev game, as I’ve had experience with online tutorials and pseudo-bootcamps, but was hit with the brick wall of “What do” after learning the fundamentals of OOP. This isn’t even covering the inherent loneliness and aimless and seemingly endeavor of learning something without having folks to critic or simply talk about your projects with (and this is coming from an introvert). I consider myself lucky to find an opportunity such as The Odin Project to provide not only online resources and projects, but a vast community of fellow learners looking to improve themselves in one way or another. Did I mention the free part??

A couple buddies and I are looking to start a support group of sorts to both keep each other accountable, and, well, offer support (whether it be advice, consoling and lifting doubts away, etc.). This is of course a serious proposition, but to be treated casually as we all have different and unique priorities in life. So long as we have a source to go back to during our journey is what matters, as I had to learn the hard way of soloing the process of learning web development. It’s much more gratifying to be apart of a group of like-minded individuals with similar goals.

If you’re down asf, join my chill group of like-minded peeps and let’s support and learn together :muscle:

My Discord is Zesty_Sponge