Looking to pair up....Kentucky


Name: DJ
Timezone: EST
Location: Kentucky
Available Times: 10am - 9pm
Language: English
Project: Open to any


Name: Nick
Timezone: PST
Location: California
Available Times: 7am - 9:30am, 4pm - 10pm; M - F
Language: English
Project: Open to any with aspirations of completing the entire Odin Project

Hey DJ. Seems that there isn’t a huge crowd posting here in the forums. Let me know if our availability works out, I’ll be your pairing partner.


Hey Nick,

I would love to pair up. I tend to have more free time on the weekend, but I do try and squeeze in 2 hours each night during the week. I am currently building the Blogger with Ruby/Rails.

Where are you at in the curriculum?

I skipped the html, css and JS part. I have some good experience with those, but I do want to go back and do that. I plan to do every course and project until I have competed the whole track.

Let me know what you think.


Sweet. The weekends will work for me; my availability on Sat & Sun is 6am - 10am, 4p - 10p both days.

I already completed the Blogger 2 with Ruby/Rails & am currently on the next project (well, side adventure where it recommends learning about Git and GitHub).

That is so interesting, I had the same idea. I just wanted to learn back-end, primarily Ruby, but each sequential lesson said that I should refresh on other topics, so I just followed along. I plan to learn the front-end stuff, but I think that is kinda easy, so I am saving it for last.

Let’s confirm two aspects of our pair programming:
which app do you want to use to screen share and communicate.
which day(s) time(s) will we commit to.

Hear from you ya then.


Thanks for reaching out!

I will be finished with the Blogger by this weekend, so lets figure out what we will start on.

You’re in Cali right? I am EST. I can commit to both Sat and Sun, and either time frame would be perfect. I could even do both time frames honesty lol

Let me know if mornings or evenings work best for you, and then we can set a time for this weekend.

I haven’t pair programmed before so I am unaware of screen sharing apps. So you tell me what you prefer to use and I will accommodate that.


You are very welcome.

I’ll anticipate that you will complete Blogger by this Sunday; that way, no pressure to hurry up if need be.

Yup, Cali. Let’s try both mornings, starting this Feb. 9 & 10 at 7am PST, 10am EST. We will commit to 2 hours at first, then feel each other out if that is too much/little.

I’ve completed a different course that directed the users to get a Cloud 9 account; I highly recommend that. Seems like the perfect environment for what I hope my future prospective career will integrate. For voice communication, let’s do Google Hangouts.


This Saturday and Sunday sound great.

I’ll get a Cloud 9 account setup as well as Google hangouts.

Hope you have a great week!


Alright DJ, this Sat. Feb. 9th at 10am EST. Lemme know when you get your Google Hangouts account so that I can add you. Hear from you then.


Ok. I have a google hangouts account and also signed up for AWS.

My google hangouts is



I sent you a message on Hangouts from my Gmail account.