Looking to pair for Pomodoro project and possibly future projects


Name: Brian
Timezone: EST
Available Times: 9am - 5pm
Language: English
Project: Pomodoro
Further Information: I am working on TOP full-time and am available from Thursday to Monday, from 9am - 5pm. Communicating with me via Hangouts is preferred, but I am flexible on that. We can use cloud9 to pair program. Shoot me an email at brianmonaccio@gmail.com. Hopefully we can learn from each other!


I’m down! I am super new though, if you don’t mind…
I’m 26, female, https://forum.theodinproject.com/t/looking-to-pair-for-pomodoro-project-and-possibly-future-projects/15181from the U.S. :slight_smile:


Hey! Sorry for the late reply, for some reason, I am not receiving notifications when people make replies. I think I found a partner that is at the same point that I am in the curriculum with similar availability to work with. However, we should stay in touch, and if you want to work together on anything or would like some tips, let me know!