Looking for study partner/group

Hello everyone I am Aris 24 years old from Greece.
This is my second attempt with TOP.
I am looking to share my thoughts knowledge and make questions about struggles.
Let’s assume that i have zero knowledge.
If you are serious on dedicating yourself on that project and that path add me on discord: Davarits#2834
If more than one person is interested we gonna create a group.

HI Aris,

I am a computer science student and I am also looking for a partner for the pair project. I sent you a friend request on discord let me know if you are interested!



Hi Aris.
I would like to join to. I’ll freind you.
I have Ubuntu running on windows already, so I’ll just set up teamspeak
Excuse my spelling

I have sent you a freind request

Hi aris. I’m just starting the course. I’d really like to get a group to boost our learning and stay accountable to each other, i’ll send you a request.

Hi Aris, I’m Matthew. I’m interested I’ve sent you a request mattCB#9810 . Thank you

Hi Aris!
I send you friend request so we can exchange thoughts.

As many people are interested a newbie’s group will be created so if you are serious about this send me a message or add me on discord link is on main post.

Interested, sent you a friend request. My discord: CodeSurfer3022#3524

github: https://github.com/CodeSurfer3022

Hi. I am 27. From New Delhi, India. I also want to join. Sent you a friend request. theindiancoder44#7779

i would love to .i have sent you a request on discord:wami38#0457