Looking For Someone To Partner With In Learning

Hello, everyone, my name is Evelyn, I am new to coding I’m from California and would love to find someone or a group that can help me learn what I will need to become a web developer.


Hey I’m from California too! I am also fairly new to coding. I have been taking CS classes at community college learning mostly java, but I have more recently taken an interest in web development. Just started the Odin Project so I am looking for a ‘support group’ of sorts as well. There is a youtube video from a channel called whatsdev. It’s titled “Front End Web Developer Guide 2020” that I would recommend. It is nearly 2 hours (I watched it at 2x speed), but it is very insightful and really motivated me towards this path.


hello! my name is Akshaya and im from Singapore. I’m new to coding as well id love to form a group w y’ll:)


Hi, I’m Anna from Germany.
I tried to sign in but slack says I need an invitation from the administrator?

You are free to join out discord channel as well, the official place

yep you are right.
who wants accountability partner, please add me on discord, my username is annagiuliam#4696

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I’m also looking to build a beginner community for myself. I sent you a friend request.