Looking for Pomodoro Project Partner


Hey! I would label myself as an “intermediate” beginner as I am not completely new to coding.
My availability is 6PM or later PST. This will change with school, but I would still have time, just later like at 10.

Contact me through:
IG: @Eduardo06sp
Discord: Eduardo06sp#6656
Email: eduardopelaez@pm.me


Hey! I am on this project , but where do you live ?


I’m located in California, wbu?

I’m good with doing everything virtually though, definitely wanna do screen sharing and voice calls through Discord though


by the way, I have two people messaging me already, but they’re on standby. One doesn’t wanna do close collaboration though.

I’ll keep you posted if you’re still interested


Hey !
Are you there? I could not look even computer from a few days
Let’s start together ıf ou dont mınd


:tired_face: I started with someone already. Sorry man


Hi, I’m on this project now, would you be interested in pairing with me?

I’m located in the UK and am available between 5am - 9am Mon-Fri