Looking for Partner


I have completed the Web Development 101 up to this point and am now looking for a partner going forward.

I live in Texas right now, have a part-time job, and am attending college next term a week from now, but I usually commit most all of my free time to learning programming.
I’m running an Ubuntu Distribution on a VM at the moment, and can probably work with any pair programming setup. I saw Slack is free for peer-to-peer and is locally run, and wouldn’t mind checking that out.

Otherwise, I am really big into Monster Hunter World PC right now and personally run (through GitHub) a database and information repository. This repository is my original cobbled-together web project, and the source of the compounding motivation driving into web development.


Hi there @Brendaneus ! I live in Buenos Aires and saw that the time difference is two hours. I’m looking for someone that wants to do pair programming, so if you’re still interested, we could work together in some projects!