Looking for Partner for Web Dev 101 Paired Programming


Name: Neal
Timezone: PST
Available Times: 8am - 2pm and possibly 8pm - 10pm (all PST)
Language: English (I do okay with Spanish, Russian, and Indonesian, but I’m fluent in Google Translate :wink:
Project: Web Dev 101 Paired Programming

My Background: I self-taught front end web dev doing eLearning and content development for about 10 years, and learned C++ back in high school, but I’ve wanted to formalize and fill out my knowledge.

Further Information: Communicating with me via Discord is preferred. I’m using CodeAnywhere to pair program, but if you prefer AWS (Cloud9) I can try switching to that, as I have an account.


Hi Neal! I’m interested in pairing for that project. I’ll wrap up the rails project tomorrow and be ready to start on Friday. Send me a message on Discord (b3darn) if you want to connect then.

Name: Be
Timezone: PST
Available Times: Generally 9am-6pm M-F
Language: English

My background: I played around with programming using Codecademy and Flatiron’s Bootcamp prep for a few months before starting TOP, but otherwise a complete newbie.

Communication: Discord, slack, google hangouts or skype all work for me. I’ll get CodeAnywhere setup tomorrow (and probably Cloud9 too for fun).


Sounds good Be, I’ll catch you on Discord tomorrow then, as ‘tnharvey’.


Hi I’m interested in having you both, lol. I’m have this huge project I’m working on. I’m a crazy bad ads researcher


Hi Chuk (?), thanks, but I’m just looking for a partner to work with for the Pair Programming (Pomodoro timer) project. Is that what you were referring to?


Hi, I am interested in this; I’ve worked as a developer before (6+ years ago) but it’s been so long that I’m a newbie again.

However, I have a full time job during weekdays and will only have time in evening in PST Mon to Fri and maybe few hours during weekend. If you guys have already started, then let me know and I’ll find an alternative. Thanks!


Hi nirvana47, I have partnered up, but I’m creating a group on Discord so that those who respond to this thread can get connected more easily for partnering. You can post your discord username here, or just DM me on discord (tnharvey#6821)