Looking for pair programming partner for Pomodoro project - West Coast Canada


Hi all,

Been working through web-development 101 (doing the full stack Javascript) and have gotten to the Pomodoro project. I have some previous programming (c& java) experience but re-learning a lot going through the course. I’m doing it evenings and weekends, so would prefer to work in the evening (after 7pm) PST (GMT -8). I’ll be visiting family over the holidays so won’t be able to commit much time until after December 28th. Anyone interested in paired programming on the project?



Hey! Have you found a partner yet? I’m scouting around as of right now :}
I have a similar availability!!!


Hi there - sorry for the delay - was out of town for a few days. Yes, I’m still looking for a partner. I’ve started working on the javascript module now though and probably won’t get back to the Pomodoro project for a few weeks. When would you want to start? Cheers and happy coding.


Hey that’s fine! Well I moved on while I look for someone to work on this with. I really want to start as soon as possible. Hmmm… so are you looking to pair program? I don’t know if you’re close to my area (hint: I live near Disneyland :}


If I have to wait, I’ll wait, of course. I’m going through the Ruby section already so I can come in with a little bit more practice :stuck_out_tongue: