Looking for Pair Programmer/Study Group

Hi, my name is Francis. I am from the East Coast of the United States and I am looking for a pair programmer and/or study group to help with holding myself/eachother accountable while learning to become a front-end, back-end or full stack developer. My personal goal is to become a full stack developer and get a job when I graduate from college this upcoming December!


Our official discord server is like a very big study group. We also have a daily check in channel to give you that accountability aspect. You can read more about it here:



Hey! My goal is to become a full stack developer too. Let’s pair up.

My discord is fbell884#3635!

I have added you. My discord is blingbang#4263

I just finished cs50x online and i’m now planning to learn more about web development, also finishing college this year too, hope to get along!.