Looking for other computer nerds beginning web dev to pair up

So, I’m in this sort of a weird situation where I actually have a lot of coding experience, but it’s just all over the place, and I don’t think it’s gonna help me land a job anytime soon.

My skill set includes some pretty heavy stuff. I’m an electronics engineer, and I have some grad school CS experience, so I have a strong math background, and I’ve implemented some really complex algorithms in C, like, just straight out of discrete math textbooks. Also, I’ve done some math stuff like calculating the time and space complexity of algorithms, Turing machines, some combinatorics… I’ve been doing a lot of self-taught database design and been writing some pretty long MySQL queries for my job these last few years. Regular expressions using grep on GNU/Linux, BASH scripting, AWK, sed, Parallel programming using POSIX threads, CUDA 3D renders… A bunch of really cool CS nerd stuff I’ve done mostly for school or as a hobby but not so much professionally.

Alas, my particular combination of skills, however wicked, seems to not have much market value these days, and I’m starting to get a bit insecure about my professional and financial future.

I sort of spent my last few years working on pioneering risky,
innovative projects, but sadly, so far I haven’t seen any of them bloom the way I was hoping. So, even though I know how to do a bunch of hard-core computer stuff, I’m pretty underpaid for the work I
am doing right now. As a result, I can’t afford most tuition.

Thus, here I am. I really wanna dive into TOP so I can learn something to help me land a better job.

I just wanted to introduce myself, and also ask: is anybody else going through something similar? From reading the forums it feels like this is more a place for newcomers to the world of computer programming. I’d actually love to pair up with less experienced folks than me, to help them out with their progress here on TOR. But I’m also looking to pair up with other people who might be in a situation similar to my own.

Anyway, I’m planning to take on TOR these next few months, maybe start a blog or a youtube broadcast of my progress, eventually seek a job. If you wanna pair up or just make buddies, hmu, I’m also looking to make new friends. Please don’t be intimidated by my nerdiness, I’m actually pretty chill and laid back as well. I just wanna vibe, man.

Happy hacking everyone.


Hi, I think you are awesome, I’d love to team up with you :smile:


Seems like you have been a very cool ride last few years and good luck on the TOP journey. I’d love to team up with you :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll IM you so we can exchange contact info and keep in touch!

Yeah, these last few years have been wild. I’ll IM you to see what projects we can team up for!

Seems like you’ve got a solid foundation to start fresh with. I’m in a vaguely similar situation in that I’m not new to programming, but I’m getting back after a long enough hiatus that starting from scratch seems right. Maybe we can work together on something if our pacing lines up, either way good luck.

Hey, yeah! Definitely hmu on Discord. I’ll IM you with my handle.


I am all ways interested in learning from those around me who are willing to share their wisdom or with those who simply want to chill and have good nerd-out chat :slight_smile:️. Hmu

Sure, I’ll IM u

Hey Glorbo! :slight_smile:

You sound exactly like my kind of favorite person! :))

I am similarly nerdy, not that hardcore (yet) into direction math etc, but I for example love From Nand to Tetris and similar things.

I am in a similar situation, that my experience is all over the place and that I finally would like to make the steps to being able to freelance.

I would love to talk with you.
If you want to, you can write here or contact me on the Discord (Leo.#8404). (also if you are somebody else)

Hope to speak soon!

I would like to team up with you.