Looking for motivated people


Name: Alan Vardy
Location: Edmonton AB Canada (Mountain Time GMT-6)
Available Times: Nights and Weekends, we can schedule.
Language: English
Project: Pomodoro (more later if we want).

I am a motivated learner who is excited about becoming a Web Developer. I’m looking for other people to work and grow with. I want to contribute to other peoples projects, review their code and have them do the same for me. My long term plan is to have a small group of people help each other going forwards.

The person I am imagining is self-motivating and friendly, that’s it. I don’t really mind which level you are at, if you are behind me then that gives me a chance to review the things I learned in Web 101, and if you are ahead then I sure have some questions for you! If you are unmotivated or difficult to work with, there’s a much lower chance of success in this and all I can do is wish you the best.

Feel free to contact me by email at alanvardy@gmail.com, we can move onto a chat service later. I would like to do some pair programming with the Pomodoro project to start but suspect we will work more asynchronously later on with different things.

Ask me any questions you like as well!


I want to recommend meetup.com, if you haven’t looked into it yet. It’s a great way to meet with other developers locally. You’re likely to find people who are interested in helping others at all levels and willing to give feedback, too.


Yes, awesome suggestion. I’ve attended a few meetups over the last month and I’m still trying to figure out where the Edmonton Ruby community went. There is a dormant website at http://yegrb.com/ that hasn’t seen an update since early 2016 so I’ve been doing some snooping and emails to see what’s going on around here!

I am also hoping to practice some “remote work” skills as having that flexibility is also a long term goal of mine.