Looking for fellow aspiring entrepreneur buddy/buddies


Hello all!

I’m an aspiring entrepreneur from Australia, with close to 0 experience in programming/code/web-development. However, I am extremely motivated and committed to learning all about web development as it is an essential element in my startup project.

I’m looking for people who have similar aspirations from all programming backgrounds to share this journey with me, whether you are a full-fledged startup CEO, or just have a few great ideas you are working on; also looking for any mentors!

Discord: leenda#5542


I bootstrapped an online service for several years. I sold that business last year. Now I’m trying to learn to code myself at The Odin Project.

I just finished Web Development 101 and I’m doing the Fullstack Javascript track.

Discord: nearmint#8258


Have you taken a shot at the Pomdoro project?


nope - what is it?


The last project in web development 101…


Hey Lee,

Pleasure to meet you. We can talk more about entrepreneurship and possibly venture into one if the right opportunity presents itself.