Looking for dedicated partner to collaborate and problem solve with


Hey all -

I currently am a front end developer/designer looking to go full stack. I currently work with a small start up marketing agency and am using the Odin Project to hone skills and learn more about the craft.

I work remotely so my hours are relatively flexible, and within reason, so is my location! Currently, I am based out of Wisconsin, USA. (GMT-5).

I wont always be able to meet up and chat but I am quick and reliable to respond to email and other communication and will def. be there to give feedback on code as well as ask for help myself.

Let me know if you’re interested in working together!

Name: BJ
Time: (GMT-5)
Availability: flexible
Dedication: 100%
Demeanor: efficient and fun!
age: 25


Hello there,
I’d be very much interested in working together with you. I will cherish the opportunity to learn from someone who has or is currently in the web development industry.


Hey Kobbymac -

Thanks for the response - do you mind telling me a bit about yourself? Where are you from? How often do you work on this etc? Trying to gauge the level of fit we might have.



Hi BJ,

I am interested Pairing with you if you offer is still open for grab.
I just completed Web101 minus Ruby section on TOP here. I am available at least 4 days a week.
I choose Javascript Full Stack Track at TOP so if that something you are interested. I am based on Central Time zone.


hey! Sorry - I just saw this. I found a partner already but you can feel free to shoot questions my way if you want!


No problem at all, thanks for taking time to reply me. I will send my questions on your way if I have any.
by the way how long have been developer?

Take care