Looking for coding pairs


Hey there everybody,

The name’s Nirodha and I’ve been using TOP for the past couple of weeks now and learning Web coding. I have done coding in past but i’m relatively new to web development. So it would be really awesome to have some partners to work with or share knowledge and hopefully make some friends along the way. Drop me a email at niroman119@gmail.com if you’re interested. Cheers ya’ll and peace out :smile:!!!


Hi Nirodha, welcome to odin! I’m doing the the Javascript section. Will keep in touch on some projects maybe. Thanks Ross


hey man sure, i also stared javascript a while ago… would love to work on some projects… peace :smile:


Hey cool. I’ve sort of paired with someone but don’t do stuff all the time with him. Would be good to do some projects together and keep in touch. I’m currently just started on restaurant page project. Where you up to?


i’m at the rock paper scissor exercise… and overall playing around with javascript.


I just finished the rock, paper… project. I learnt a lot on it. It took me a while but felt like I started to think in code more. Are you on discord?


Yeah niroboy119 #8792


Hey just send you friend request.