Looking for beginners! :)


Hi guys!

My name is Yassin. I am doing The Odin Projects curriculum, currently still at web-dev 101 and I am enjoying it a lot. I am looking for other people who just began to connect with! Hopefully to learn together and maybe doing some projects together with in the future!

If you feel like that is you then shoot me a message! :smiley:

Thanks everybody,



Hey yassin if you haven’t found a partner yet you can contact with me via discord 10#7225


Hi Yassin,

I’m new to all this too! Only started yesterday, if you still need anyone then let me know :grin:


Hi Yassin, great that you too decided to learn programming! I’m new here too! Greetings from Germany! I can’t wait to ask my first question - here it actually is: Have you already a project planned/intended? I’m thinking about an Javascript plotter to show mathematical equations. or some funny little game:-)


Beginner checking in. Just started the journey one week ago and would like to team with like-minded people, such as yourself :]


Hi Yassin,

I’m new to TOP as well! Today is actually my first day, if you still need anyone then let me know as well.


Hey Jean!

I just sent you a pm!



Hey JMontague27!

Thank you for your message! Yes i would love to connect, i am on the lookout for more people to connect with.

What do you want to do with The Odin Project? Do you want to become a developer as well? Or just enjoying the learning?

Let me know! :wink:


Beginner checking in here aswell, just started following the curriculum!


yes i’m a beginner


i am newbie too…though I already have a question…maybe I am curious…the question is" how do I get to change the color of three buttons to say blue".?


Hi! I’m also new, just started yesterday. What is your project? :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m also a beginner! Little experience with programming, but willing to learn a lot!


A beginner here too! Hi! It’s also my first day of the Odin Project.


I’m like you! haha


I am new here as well! I have some coding knowledge (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) from freeCodeCamp, but am still definitely a beginner!


This is my first intro to Odin and starting with 0 coding experience to see where this takes me. Nice to see many people on here. Good luck to you all.