Looking for a web development partner


I am charlie from Nigeria, i am newbie and would need a partner for motivation.


hey charlie,welcome on board


yh thanks. I hope to enjoy every step down the journey


hello charliepoker, i am chijindu julian and i am also from Nigeria,also a newbie looking for a partner to learn with and someone to also motivate me,holla @ me via email @ juliancrosss@gmail.com,look forward to hearing from you


You welcome. Add me up on discord username is charliepoker


OK,will do,username is julianeckx


need your four digit tag so the odin’s project bot can verify which friend i intend to add


or you can add me up @Julianeckx#6931


I am also a newbie looking to partner


Basically I am not a web developer But i suggest you to go McAfee Support Number because they have told you where you can find web developer.


I hope to be part of the show…!!!


Am also from Nigeria we can pair…


If you want you can join