Looking for a Web Dev Partner!


Hey all, my name is Anthony, I’m 26 from Boston. Just about to start TOP and I am enrolled in a Lambda School course in the near future. I have very beginner based Javascript skills, but I’m looking to make a friend so we can kind of work together through different resources as we learn. Would love to bounce questions off of each other and track each other’s progress! Look forward to meeting, thanks guys!


Glad to have you here Anthony. You’re best bet is to check out our Discord channel, as we are quite active there. Best of luck with your coding!


Hi Anthony! Im Mica, don’t know much about Javascript but if you’re still looking for someone to track each other’s progress and bounce some questions Im making my way through the front end section of web dev 101, feel free to dm me to get in touch


Hey there Mica! Yea, I’m totally down for that. Do you want to exchange numbers? I don’t mind keeping it through email as well. I am not sure if we can direct message through here.


Sure, thatd be great! If you use whatsapp my number is +598 98 057 885, if not my email is ashighasalways@gmail.com