Looking for a study partner/group

I am in New Delhi, India, working in an e-commerce company. I want to develop my skills in web development and ultimately work remotely as a developer. I am 27 years old.

I would love to find a study partner and/or study group to motivate, help, and keep each other accountable to complete TOP. I started with this a while ago but I have not been very consistent. I am currently at Web Development 101’s HTML & CSS part.

I will be able to commit at least 15 hours per week. Add me on discord if you want to together: theindiancoder44#7779

I also need a study partner, my name is Martins and am from Nigeria. I am about starting out the TOP.


Hi Martins. I suppose we can connect on Discord? What do you say?

@theindiancoder44 @imartinsosazuwa We have an official discord server that is very active. You are both welcome there:

I have visited Discord. I am registered as imartins_codes#4213